Glimpse into Damaru

Our Story

Damaru is a symbol of cosmic genesis as well as dissolution. It is the universal sound out of which, the creation manifested itself. And whenever sound touches us, it transforms us completely! That’s the endeavor at Damaru - to transform individuals whose life it touches!

Damaru is like a constellation of tools and techniques coming together, where Mauli takes a case based approach, customizing a personal regime unique for each individual, using a wide range of modalities that she has mastered over years.

With its foundations in authentic traditional Yogic practices backed by cutting edge scientific research, Damaru was conceived in the lap of Himalayas, high up in Dharamkot, in July 2016 as a flash of insight to Mauli Bavisker. Inspired by her own self transformational journey and practice of over 18 years, set her sights on sharing her knowledge of these ancient techniques for achieving complete Wellbeing and Vibrance among one and all.


Our Approach to Wellness



There are six major paths or philosophies in the Indian tradition and one is free to choose the path that appeals the most. Even in the source text of Raja Yoga, the YogaSutras, Patanjali gives multiple paths to reach the same goal. Similarly at Damaru, that no one method can suit all. So we use various modalities and approaches that work on body, mind, emotions and energies to reach the desired goal of wellness.

Services offered at Damaru

Everyone is different and so everyone needs a different touch when it comes to achieving wellness.
Our modalities are a range of such varied approaches to help one and all be healthy.

We believe Yoga has a lot to offer to each and everyone, no matter what their age, ability, shape, size, experience or health condition.

At Damaru, we use an integrated wellness approach to employ one or multiple modalities as per the requirement and inclination of the individual. Take a look at the services we offer to help you find inner peace and achieve holistic wellness.